Best Hijabs For the Winter

Like with any purchase, we all want to know the best recommended products. Knowing the different varieties and fabrics of hijabs helps us choose the best hijabs for the best seasons. You should wisely choose hijab fabric for different seasons and different occasions. Here we have put together a guide, to help you with the different fabrics of hijab that are perfect for the winter season. 

The Jersey Fabric Hijab

Being one of the most leading materials around the globe, the jersey fabric hijab is the most favourable fabric for most women. From working women, teachers, bloggers, office workers, employees and house mums, this stretchy, comfortable, and easy to wear fabric gives the best look when pulled around the face and is easier to wrap around the neck.

At Suriah Scarves, we offer 2 types of jersey fabric hijabs.

1. The Relaxed Jersey Hijab:

This is a soft, stretchy, elegant looking hijab. It is loved by most clients as it is a lightweight fabric and can be set easily even without pins. This is breathable and made of a material that is adjusted comfortably, that remains in shape when wrapped around the head. We highly recommend this hijab for the winter. Another great advantage of this fabric is that it is thin enough to also be used in the summer. Available at Suriah Scarves.                        

2. The Instant Looped Jersey Hijab:

The same as our Relaxed Jersey Hijab, however sewn to provide ease, without pins.  This is good to wear in the winter season. This is one looped soft textured fabric. It can also be set easily without pins. Comfortable to wear. It is best for workouts and also for weekends. It can be worn and set instantly. It is good for you if you are too busy to set a hijab with many pins that may take time. It is available in many beautiful colors at Suriah Scarves. 

The Crepe Cotton Fabric Hijab

This elegantly looking hijab fabric is a mixture of cotton and crepe. It resembles jersey fabric but a little heavier. Its material is stretchy. It gives volume to the head despite its stretchy nature. Good to wear in the winter season as it gives warmth. This will be an amazing addition to your hijab collection. 

The Khesha Fabric Hijab

In Arabic, this material is named sackcloth. It is light in weight and gives a feeling of soft like linen. It has the advantage of wearing both in summer and winter seasons. It is easy to wear, cool in summer, and warm in winter. It is breathable, non-sliding, and no need to iron it. 

The Pashmina Fabric Hijab 

Pashmina fabric hijab gives have an elegant look. You can wear it for formal occasions and even for parties, you can choose it. It is good to wear in the winter season and all other seasons except summer. It gets a little hot in the summer season. You must have this in your hijab collection.

The Viscose Fabric Hijab

It is light in weight and good for voluminous styles. When wrapped around your head, it does not give you a stuffy feeling. It has a soft feel. This is a must-have hijab for you. It is good for all seasons, especially for the winter season. It keeps you warm in winter. In terms of the price range, it is affordable as compared to all other kinds of Hijab fabrics. So having viscose hijabs in many different colors, will be easily affordable for you.

The Knit Fabric Hijab

Knits are comfortable to wear in the winter season. With the use of new technology, this material can stretch nicely. They are good to use especially in cold weather. They give you warmth and a beautiful look when wrapped around your head. This kind of hijab will be a good addition to your hijab collection.

The Mulberry Silk Fabric Hijab

As it is well known that Chinese silk is the most famous fabric in the world. You can wear it casually, in traveling, at wedding occasions and party events. It is good for all seasons and every event. It is especially comfortable to wear as a shawl, or wrapped around your head in cold weather. This gives You will be happy to have this in your hijab collection. 

The Denim Jean Jersey Fabric Hijab

This is from the family of the jersey but look like jeans material. This is most favourite hijab of the women who love to wear jeans. The jeans fashion never get old. There is no need to iron this kind of hijab. It is stretchable and lightweight. It is warm and comfortable to wear in cold weather. 


From the above guide, now you can choose easily the best hijab for you to wear in the winter season. You can choose the type of fabric that best suits you and your personality. As you know very well, the choice of Hijab according to the season is as essential as clothes (fabrics). You need to change your hijab fabric according to the season to protect you from weather severity and help you move and travel comfortably. Now, it is easy for you to choose the best fabric according to weather conditions.