Beyond just providing the products and service of hijabs, Suriah Scarves’ vision dives deeper, where we envisioned the ability to create more jobs for our community, prospering our Ummah. Our brand sees opportunity to give back to our communities, working hand in hand with charity organisations, striving for a better world and Akhirah. 

Furthermore, we also picture ourselves to be heavily involved in the modest fashion world, providing more variety in Hijabs, and assisting in the rise of the modest fashion world in Australia, putting us in the global spotlight.

As we studied the current Sydney hijab market, there are many great brands that have helped with the rise of modest fashion. Our goal is to provide a better user experience through our online store. An experience that is simple, consistent, and very user friendly.

The main theme is showcase the premium basics that are perfect for all occasions - simple and elegant. With the fashion world always evolving, we focus on providing the fabrics that are in trend, ensuring all the options are available, having you equipped for all occasions.

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